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A premium door-to-door, Domestic express service within UAE.

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The most common and cost-effective service we provide is next day delivery. For documents and parcels travelling within UAE, we use our own fleet of bikes, cars and vans to pick up shipments and deliver them across the UAE on the following day.

Cash on delivery

Cash on delivery is a very popular service for businesses of supplying goods to customers and collect cash for their shipments at the customer’s doorstep. We specialize in this service and cater to a lot of online stores based within UAE.

Domestic Collection

Another aspect of ODC excellent services is Collections, where we collect your desired item/document/cheques from its source and have it delivered to you at the location of your choice.

WareHouse Service

ODC is pleased to provide flexible monthly storage solutions to individuals and corporate in its secure, dedicated and easily accessible warehouse in the heart of Dubai in Jabil Ali. Our racking solutions are perfect for general and palletized storage.

E commerce Solution

E-commerce has grown at an outstanding pace within UAE. We recognize the need for specialized services and have started one stop shop fulfillment solution wherein our store, providing pick, pack and dispatch facility to our clients. We also offer integrated APIs so that when a customer checks out on the client’s website, not only do we receive the information in real time but the customer also gets their airway bill instantly.

COD Management

We provide End to End COD Management . The payout time is twice a week or as per the customer demand. Payment can be transferred to bank account or can be done through cheque or cash as preferred by customer.

Bullet Service

One of our fastest services will get your desired item delivered within a matter of few hours, provided that both destination and origin are within the boundaries of UAE.

Same Day Delivery Service

Our standard service for businesses that can’t afford to make shoppers wait. From checkout in your store, to delivery at their door, your customers receive gratification within hours, not days

Online Solution

For those of you who want to stay in control over the delivery solutions for the every changing scenarios of business, we have developed an Online Portal for clients (Both Corporate and Individuals), allowing them to generate, create, book and manage delivery solutions autonomously and more importantly from anywhere that has an internet connection.

Fulfillment Services

ODC Fulfillment Centre offers state of the art fulfillment services to its business partners with a handful of employees who work in various shifts to manage workload. As the name suggests we fulfill customer’s orders serving as a point of storage, packing and distribution quickly and efficiently.


Our fleet size of 70+ vehicles, that include (Cars, Vans, Pickups & Bikes) allows efficient delivery within UAE without outsourcing. This gives us complete freedom, flexibility and control over our shipments as well as safety of Cash on Delivery as well sensitive documents that are secured with our couriers. We can also reach outer city limits on a more regular basis as compared to our competitors, guaranteeing a fast pace delivery channel.

Next Day Delivery Service

Next-day delivery is a delivery service that allows you to have goods delivered the day after they’re collected by the courier. Next-day delivery is also referred to as 24-hour delivery.


The most common and cost-effective service we provide is next day delivery. For documents and parcels travelling within UAE, we use our own fleet of bikes, cars and vans to pick up shipments and deliver them across the UAE on the following day

Heavy Delivery Service

Whether you want to send a box full of books, a pallet of bricks or a whole fleet of vehicles, you can count on us to do the heavy lifting. When speed is key, Express is the best option to ensure your large and heavy goods get where they need to be as soon as possible, even if that’s before 9:00, 10:00 or 12:00 the next day.

Freight Service

With shipping services from over 300 ports, Twill enables small and medium-sized businesses to grow. We not only connect your business globally, but also simplify your end-to-end logistics in the process.

Amazon FBA Delivery Service

We can prep your goods to be delivered smoothly to Amazon Fulfillment Centers all over the UAE Pick up your goods if needed wherever they are within China Receive goods and check if any damages caused Store goods with advanced warehouse management system Ensure the size and weight comply with Amazon’s requirements Label your boxes in accordance with FBA Name, print and paste the SKU for you if needed Pack your boxes on pallets if needed, including stretch wrap and labels Well handle customs clearance and customs duties for you (DDP) Arrange an appointment for delivery Transport your goods to the specified Fulfillment Centre

Cargo Delivery Service

Cargo Delivery Service

Import & Export Service

We are providing import from all port to UAE We are providing export from UAE to all Port

Customs Clearance Service

We are providing Customs Clearance from, Sea Port, Land Port, and Airport

Fresh Food Clearance Service

We are providing Fresh Food Clearance Service Blow Vegetable, meet, fish, fruits, and all kind of food

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